Zorb 4th Generation
Ingenious Innovation

All-in-one super-absorbent and leakproof

Zorb 4D fabric is a dual-faced, multidimensional, five layer fabric with a soft ultra-absorbent face and leakproof protection on the reverse. The soft super-absorbent face is made from 3D Zorb® fibers in a pattern that facilitates rapid absorption and is backed with a breathable waterproof layer protected by an anti-skid fabric for a non-skid surface.

Ready-to-use 5-layer protection

Hidden waterproof layer

Absorbent & waterproof

Waterproof & leakproof protection

Soft, durable, & unparalleled protection

Zorb® 4D offers multiple advantages in any application that requires absorbency with protective waterproofing and helps you conquer leaks, spills, and accidents. There are 2 distinct styles available: Organic Cotton Dimple, Stay Dry Dimple.

  • Zorb® 4D Stay Dry Dimple CORE PUL: With both faces made of super wicking hydrophobic polyester with a hidden waterproof core layer, it provides a comfortable dry feel on the surface as its 3D Zorb fibers rapidly capture and transfer moisture away from the surface.
  • Zorb® 4D Organic Cotton Dimple CORE PUL: Made with a 100% organic cotton face and back with a hidden waterproof core layer, this fabric is extremely quick to absorb & has a superior capacity to hold moisture.

For an optimal comfort experience with any Zorb 4D fabrics, we strongly suggest complementing them with a ProCool moisture wicking fabric to act as the wicking top layer. This pairing effectively eliminates any sensations of dampness or wetness that may occur when Zorb 4D is used as a standalone layer in applications intended for direct skin contact.

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Zorb 4th Generation can be used for:


Bed Liners


Cage Liners

Changing Pads

Cloth Diapers

Pet Diapers

Mattress Pads

Menstrual Pads

Nursing Pads

Period Panties

Pet Beds

Pet Pads

Burp Cloths


Shoe Covers

and Much More

Available styles

Version 1 Zorb 4D Stay Dry Dimples CORE PUL

Fast Drying

Version 2 Zorb 4D Stay Dry Dimples CORE PUL

Super Thin & Trim

Zorb 4D Stay Dry Printed Dimples CORE PUL

Designer Prints

Version 1 Zorb 4D Organic Cotton Dimples CORE PUL

Best Absorbency

Version 2 Zorb 4D Organic Cotton Dimples CORE PUL

100% Organic

Which Zorb 4D fabric is right for you?

4D Cotton
4D Stay Dry
Colors available
10+ colors
10+ colors & prints
Speed of absorption
Stay dry
A fabric that's consistently #1

Breathable, flexible, durable


it's own weight
0 x

Soaks up

faster than other materials
0 x


in the USA
50 %

Why Ecopreneurs Small Businesses Corporations Moms & Dads Babies Entrepreneurs Everyone  Love Zorb 4th Generation

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"The Zorb material was so easy to work with. Our church ladies used it to line re-usable sanitary pads that we were making as a missions project. They will go in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for older girls in third world countries."
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"I'm so pleased with this fabric! It is perfect for making bedwetting pads. Exactly what I was looking for. It arrived promptly and well packaged."
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"4D Zorb is most definitely worth every penny. I use it in my guinea pig house. I don't think it could be any easier to use. 4D Zorb performs just like the description and specifications state."
Proudly made & manufactured in the USA

Dedicated to unmatched quality

Made in the USA


PFAS & PFOA free

BPA free


Nanoparticle free



Absorbent out of the box

Child safe

Pet safe

CPSIA compliant

Leading brand for sustainable, super-absorbent fabrics

Safe for You,
Safe for the Planet