Zorb 3rd Generation
Game Changer

Incredibly absorbent, triple-layer, reversible fabric

Zorb 3D presents a unique triple layered construction with the revolutionary 3D Zorb® fibers quilted in between a durable knitted surface on both sides. The patterned surface layers are soft on the skin and engineered to facilitate rapid distribution of fluids and a superior holding capacity as compared to other fabrics.

Ready to absorb right out of the box, Zorb 3D is pre-activated for absorbency, pre-shrunk to a great extent.

3 layers-in-one

Pre-shrunk to a
great extent

Revolutionary 3D Zorb fibers

Perfect for fast absorption

Traps & holds moisture for superior dryness & comfort

There are 4 different styles Dimples & Diamonds available: Organic Cotton Dimple, Bamboo Dimple & Polyester Dimple.

  • Zorb® 3D Bamboo Dimples: With both faces made from super-soft bamboo- organic cotton blend, this dual-faced, reversible fabric is plush and luxurious, besides being super absorbent.

  • Zorb® 3D Organic Cotton Dimples: Made from 100% organic cotton fibers this thirsty, dual-faced, reversible fabric is extremely quick to absorb & has a superior capacity to hold moisture.

  • Zorb® 3D Stay Dry Dimples: With both faces made of super wicking hydrophobic polyester, this dual-faced, reversible fabric provides a comfortable dry feel on the surface as its 3D Zorb fibers rapidly capture and transfer moisture away from the surface to the absorbent core.

  • Zorb® 3D Diamonds: The unique dual-layer fabric has one side made of absorbent bamboo cotton while the other is stay dry polyester and 3D Zorb fibers that help rapidly absorb.

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Zorb 3rd Generation can be used for:


Bed Liners


Burp Cloths

Cage Liners

Diaper Inserts

Dish Mats

Pet Diapers

Face Masks

Fitness Wear

Menstrual Pads

Nursing Pads

Period Panties

Pet Beds


Yoga Towels


Pillow Covers

Bath Robes


Mattress Topper

Head Bands

Bath Mats

Hair Towels

and Much More

Available styles

Zorb 3D Bamboo Dimples

Ultra Soft & Luxurious

Zorb 3D Organic Cotton Dimples

Best Absorbency & Holding Power

Zorb 3D Stay Dry Dimples

Rapid Distribution & Fast Drying

Zorb 3D Diamond

Super Absorbent & Moisture Wicking

Zorb 3D LITE Dimples

Designed for Stealth

Zorb 3D Heavy Duty Dimples

Designed for Heavy Lifting

Which Zorb 3D fabric is right for you?

3D Cotton
3D Bamboo
3D Stay Dry
3D Diamond
Colors available
5+ colors
Natural & black
10+ colors & 15+ prints
Speed of absorption
Stay dry
A fabric that's consistently #1

Breathable, flexible, durable


it's own weight
0 x

Soaks up

faster than other materials
0 x


in the USA
50 %

Why Ecopreneurs Small Businesses Corporations Moms & Dads Babies Entrepreneurs Everyone  Love Zorb 3rd Generation

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"I use in my diapers and diaper inserts- I'm able to make thinner more absorbent diapers that my customers love."
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"I use this under the top sheet but over a water proof matters cover. The other bed pads all ways waded up when sleeping and leaked when you picked them up. This fabric absorbs very well and is comfortable to sleep on. You do not wake up sopping wet or uncomfortable also kills the odor well."
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"Amazing product, the only absorbent material I use in any of my diapers. I have tried a wide range of absorbent materials the past 3 years. Soft and absorbent and I have never had an issue with odor buildup."
Proudly made & manufactured in the USA

Dedicated to unmatched quality

Made in the USA


PFAS & PFOA free

BPA free


Nanoparticle free



Absorbent out of the box

Child safe

Pet safe

CPSIA compliant

Leading brand for sustainable, super-absorbent fabrics

Safe for You,
Safe for the Planet