Zorb 1st Generation
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The original super-absorbent fabric

Zorb Original is a unique fabric that is used as a hidden absorbent layer in reusable absorbent products. Thanks to its insane absorbency and durability this thin, lightweight, and economical fabric is widely used in the medical & incontinence industry by big brands and ecopreneurs alike.

Lightweight &
thin design

Perfect for
absorbent layers

No need
to prewash

Uniquely engineered to distribute moisture

Hypoallergenic fabric that improves reusable products

Zorb Original is the absorbent fabric that started it all. The amazingly absorbent fabric that revolutionized absorbency in reusable products; that has been the industry standard in the incontinence undergarment industry for decades; that has stood the test of time and continues to rank number one in super absorbent fabrics. The fabric that has created the brand, Zorb!

It is an interlining material engineered from entangled fibers to be stitched between two fabrics to make durable absorbent products. Its exceptional wicking and absorbency has since found numerous other uses such as seed starting, low cost solar desalination stills for producing fresh water, hydroponics, torches, wrapping flowers and many more.

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Zorb 1st Generation can be used for:



Cage Liners

Cloth Diapers


Dish Mats

Pet Bedding

Face Masks

Menstrual Pads

Nursing Pads

Pet Pads


and Much More

Available styles

Zorb® Original Fabric

Innovative, super-absorbent hypoallergenic fabric uniquely engineered to rapidly capture and distribute moisture with superior holding capacity.

Zorb® Original Silver Fabric

Features an antimicrobial material to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and algae on the fabric, control bad odors, and provide intelligent freshness protection.

Which Zorb fabric is right for you?

Zorb Original
Zorb 3D
Zorb 4D
Colors available
10+ colors & prints
10+ colors & prints
Absorbency All absorb 10 times their weight in under 2 seconds
Speed of absorption All soak up 20 times faster than other materials (bamboo, cotton, hemp knits)
Number of fiber layers
Ready-AbZORB™ Our pioneering technology eliminates prewashing and drying normally needed to activate the super absorbency. It also reduces 60-80% of the shrinkage, so you get more fabric for your money.
Antimicrobial Antimicrobial and non-antimicrobial versions available for each
Stay dry
A fabric that's consistently #1

Breathable, flexible, durable


it's own weight
0 x

Soaks up

faster than other materials
0 x


in the USA
50 %

Why Ecopreneurs Small Businesses Corporations Moms & Dads Babies Entrepreneurs Everyone  Love Zorb 1st Generation

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"I use this fabric as the main core for maxipads for my cloth maxipad business (Designer Pads by LXG), it is a great quality fabric at a great price! I owe my business success to this Zorb fabric. It's super absorbent and I like that I can do multiple layers for extra absorbency, my clients love the pads absorbency. I highly recommend!"
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"I own my own small business and I use Zorb almost exclusively for my products. It's the absolute best for absorption! I have tried everything out there and Zorb is the winner! Always arrives quickly, which is a must sometimes when I have unexpected orders. I can't say enough wonderful things about Zorb, simply the best!"
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"I've tried other moisture-wicking fabric with antimicrobial silver, but these small packets are very expensive. I use Zorb Silver fabric because it is less expensive, and helps me feel better - no itching and no odor."
Proudly made & manufactured in the USA

Dedicated to unmatched quality

Made in the USA


PFAS & PFOA free

BPA free


Nanoparticle free



Absorbent out of the box

Child safe

Pet safe

CPSIA compliant

Leading brand for sustainable, super-absorbent fabrics

Safe for You,
Safe for the Planet