Our Top Priority

Our mission is to create sustainable fabrics that are respectful to the environment

Reusable & eco-friendly

Zorb fabrics are designed to make high-performing reusable absorbent products that help reduce and eliminate our dependence on disposable products.

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses care for our planet, protecting the environment and care for our people that use the fabrics and who create them.

Trusted & compliant manufacturing

Our sustainability initiative are focused on:

Creating durable, easy-to-reuse high-performance fabrics

To inspire creation of reusable articles that help to reduce land-fills of disposable waste.

Manufacturing processes that do not create harmful waste

Closely controlled facilities and EPA-compliant processes that do not pollute the environment.

Commitment to not use harmful chemicals in the fabrics

No PFAS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde or nanoparticles used.

Safe working conditions and fair labor practices

Made in US mills with safe workplace practices and fair wages following all labor regulations.

Sourcing the best materials and locally

We source fibers and yarns within the United States mostly direct from local mills.

Responsible partnerships with Vendors

We establish partnerships with vendors keeping an eye on the sustainability of their processes.

Safe for your family and safe for the planet

Engineered to meet exacting USA requirements, Zorb is one of the highest quality-assured fabrics on the market. 

A fabric that's consistently #1

Breathable, flexible, durable


it's own weight
0 x

Soaks up

faster than other materials
0 x


in the USA
50 %

Absorbency that lasts for a lifetime

Zorb fabrics are engineered with a unique knitting construction without using SAP (super absorbent polymers), so your end product stays absorbent for its’ lifetime.

Leading brand for sustainable, super-absorbent fabrics

Safe for You,
Safe for the Planet