What Are The Best Absorbent Materials For Incontinence Products?

Losing control of your bladder is never any fun, but having the right incontinence products can make all the difference. Urinary incontinence is a problem that many individuals deal with, and it’s not just something related to old age. While it can come with age, it can also happen due to stress, pregnancy, or a urinary condition. 

No matter why you’re dealing with incontinence, you want a solution. Having some products on hand is one of the best ways to handle it so that you can go about your day confidently. 

Making your own incontinence pads or underwear is an excellent way to help our planet. Single-use pads end up in American landfills, which are overflowing and releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. 

While we need landfills to dispose of our trash, the overflowing levels they’re currently at release leachate, a toxic chemical that isn’t good for you or the atmosphere, into the air. By switching to reusable pads and underwear, you’re greatly assisting Mother Nature. It’s small, everyday steps that will save our planet. 

Absorbency in Your Incontinence Products

But what materials should you look for in your incontinence products? There’s so much out there that it can be hard to narrow down your options. 

One of the best recommendations we can give you is to choose absorbent materials so that you can wear the same pad all day, comfortably. You’ll want a fabric that can absorb just as much as a disposable pad, making it worth your while and not a frustrating attempt at eco-friendliness. Our best recommendation is Zorb Fabrics. 

Let’s look at the three generations of Zorb and see how their features make them ideal for incontinence products. 

Zorb 1st Generation

Zorb 1st Generation fabrics are lightweight and have a thin design. Stacking layers of these fabrics together as interlining layers is perfect for incontinence products. There are two Zorb 1st Generation fabrics to choose from: Zorb Original Fabric and Original Silver Fabric. Both have unique qualities, so what you choose is a matter of personal preference.

  • Zorb Original Fabric is a hypoallergenic fabric that captures and distributes moisture with superior holding capacity. Because of how absorbent and durable this fabric is, it’s popular in the medical and incontinence industries, making it the perfect choice for your incontinence pads.
  • Zorb Original Silver Fabric is an upgraded version of our original fabric. Not only can it capture and distribute moisture, but it features SILVADUR, an antimicrobial technology that prevents bacteria, fungi, or algae from growing on the fabric. It also controls bad odors and locks freshness in. 

Both of Zorb’s fabrics contain Ready-AbZORB, the technology that makes this fabric super absorbent without leaks or spills, and SILVADUR, our antimicrobial technology. Zorb 1st Generation is best used as an interlining layer. 

Zorb 3rd Generation

Zorb skips the second generation to provide you with unmatched quality in our 3rd generation fabric. There are multiple options for this fabric:

  • Zorb 3D Bamboo Dimples is made of a super-soft bamboo-cotton blend that’s two-sided and highly absorbent.
  • Zorb 3D Organic Cotton Dimples is made of 100% organic cotton fibers that are quick to absorb, two-sided, and reversible.
  • Zorb 3D Stay Dry Dimples is made of polyester and is known for its super-wicking, hydrophobic qualities. It is also two-sided and reversible.
  • Zorb 3D Diamonds fabric has two sides – a bamboo-cotton blend on one side and polyester on the other. It’s a combination of our Bamboo Dimples and Stay Dry Dimples fabrics. 

Zorb 3D fabrics contain three layers in one, providing you with increased absorption. They are also greatly pre-shrunk, reducing the risk of them shrinking when you wash and dry them. 

Zorb 4th Generation

Zorb 4th generation fabrics contain five layers in one, meaning that one layer of fabric is equivalent to five layers. There’s no need to worry about leaks with fabric that is that absorbent. You have three options for Zorb fabrics:

  • Zorb 4D Stay Dry Dimple CORE PUL is made of super-wicking, hydrophobic polyester fabric that quickly wicks moisture away from the fabric. But what makes this fabric unique is that it has five layers in one. 
    It’s also waterproof, using CORE PUL technology that hides the waterproof layer between the other layers for maximum waterproof protection. If you’re super worried about leaks or spills, this fabric is for you. 
  • Zorb 4D Organic Cotton Dimple CORE PUL is made of 100% organic cotton, has the same five-layer-level protection, and is just as waterproof with the same CORE PUL technology.
  • Zorb 4D Bonded Soaker CORE PUL comes with an anti-skid backing fabric that protects the CORE PUL technology’s hidden waterproof layer. It’s thick, antimicrobial, and waterproof, and contains Ready-AbZORB technology. 

Any of these Zorb 4D fabrics will provide the waterproof protection you need. Everything else is a personal preference, so think about what you want for your incontinence product. The great thing about these fabrics is how you can mix and match them to make customized incontinence products. 

Choose Zorb Fabrics For Your Incontinence Products.

Every fabric mentioned in this blog is available for purchase on our sister website, Wazoodle Fabrics. Zorb Fabrics boast outstanding qualities, including being hypoallergenic, super-absorbent, and waterproof. They’re sure to provide the protection you need for your incontinence products. 

Be sure to sample all of our fabrics before you purchase them by the yard. We offer 4×4 swatches of all our fabrics, making it easy for you to find the right one. Wazoodle is your one-stop shop for sewing projects. From elastics and notions to the fabric itself, we have you covered.

Are you in a rush? Do you need to make your pads or underwear right away? Check out our Quick Order fabrics option. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Zorb Fabrics is here to help you find the perfect fabric for your incontinence products so you can get back to enjoying daily life, leak-free. Get started today! 

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