Super Absorbency.
Superior Fabric.

Thin, Cost-Effective, & Reusable

Up to 20x More Absorbency

Zorb fabric is an innovative, super-absorbent, hypoallergenic fabric uniquely engineered to rapidly capture and distribute moisture with a superior holding capacity.  

Body-safe, eco-friendly and durable, Zorb is a game changer!

Three Components of Absorbency:

Good absorbency requires rapid capture, quick dispersion and superior holding capacity to reduce compression leaks.


The ability to trap moisture rapidly at the speed it is delivered without runoff


Quickly distribute the moisture to spread moisture across a wider area, making efficient use of all the absorbent fiber in a fabric.


The amount of moisture a material can hold when saturated (wetted out) and used under normal operating conditions.

Leading the Market in Absorbency

Zorb Original1st Generation

A non-woven interlining material used between two fabrics as a super-absorbent layer.

Zorb 3D3rd Generation

3-dimensional reversible fabric that can be used on its own for superior holding capacity.

Zorb 4D4th Generation

The latest innovation in high-performance fabrics with four layers for leakproof protection.


USA-made & eco-friendly

Developed with Care for the Environment

Lightweight and economical, Zorb fabrics feature a non-toxic manufacturing process. They are made without BPAs, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals.

From soaker pads and incontinence wear to floating solar stills for desalinating sea water, Zorb fabric is created for reusability and designed specifically with the environment in mind.

Promoting Reusability

Improving Designs Around the World

We partner with a variety of brands to create sustainable and super-efficient absorbent materials.

Unique fiber construction

Designed for Endless Options


Mattress Pads, Unpaper Towels, Bathrobes, Dish Mats, Pet Pads


Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Fitness Wear, Sweatbands, Jackets


Nursing Pads, Burp Cloths, Cloth Diapers, Baby Swaddles, Bibs


Period Panties, Yoga Towels, Face Masks, Wipes, Cloth Pads

Leading brand for sustainable, super-absorbent fabrics

Safe for You,
Safe for the Planet